Why try a veg box from Herland Roots?

Date Posted: February 22nd

1. Eat the Seasons

It has become normalised for us all to have the convenience of a supermarket when it comes to our food shopping. Instead, why not embrace the seasons and eat the best of what is freshly available on our doorsteps. Fresh in season Cornish asparagus or strawberries, when harvested fresh and delivered to your door, are second to none in both quality and flavour. 

We harvest our salad leaves before dawn, meaning they are packed full of taste and nutritional value. Our Cornish climate allows us to grow tomatoes, aubergines and cucumbers from summer well into the latter end of the year. There is an abundance of fresh, local produce to choose from, which beats air-freighted supermarket veg any day of the week.

2. Reduce food miles and wasteful packaging

We are all too aware of the impact that transport and plastic packaging has on our climate. By choosing a Herland Roots veg box you are choosing to reduce food miles and plastic usage dramatically. With the general exception of our salad bags and microgreens punnets, which come packaged in a plastic bag (which reduces food waste by keeping the product fresh), overwhelmingly your box will arrive in a reusable cardboard box and little more. Leave the box out for us next week and we can reuse it around 10 times before being recycled!

3. Be connected with where your food comes from

Get to know your farmer! You’ll not only be buying hyper locally but in the process of doing so you’ll also build a connection with the people that grow the food you eat. We grow the produce & we deliver the produce, within our local community. Part of the joy in running our market garden and veg box delivery service is meeting the wonderful customers that make up our community. Instead of a faceless brand you can really get to know and understand who grows your food – ask us questions, message us or send a snap of your favourite meals that you’ve made with your veg that week!

4. Experiment with a much greater variety of produce

We are delighted every time a customer compliments our more unusual vegetables that we grow. We strive to seek out the unusual and extravagant: forgotten heirloom tomatoes, colourful beets and mysteriously funky looking squash. All of which can be grown alongside each other in our small but abundant market garden. By adapting our eating habits to the seasons we are feeding our bodies with what they crave, whether that be the abundance of flavourful, colourful kales in the depth of winter or zingy lemon cucumbers and sweet golden tomatoes at the height of summer. If you’re ever stuck for ideas on what to do with your box of goodness, why not check out our recipe page!

5. Eat food that benefits both your health and the environment

Our produce is grown without the use of artificial pesticides, fertilisers, herbicides or fungicides. As such you can be assured that what we grow is chemical free and therefore better for you and for the environment. Instead we utilise ‘no dig’ methods to feed soil life which in turn leads to healthy and nutrient dense veggies for you to enjoy.

The majority of the produce in your Herland Roots box is grown in our market garden. Where we source fruit and veg it is from growers and suppliers we trust, and is as much as possible from local and organic sources.

Ordering & Our Christmas Shop

Customer notice

Please note we have updated the website to allow our lovely customers to order for Christmas!

During Christmas week regular Wednesday customers will get deliveries on a Friday, regular Thursday customers will get deliveries on a Saturday. Collections are also available for Saturday 23rd and Christmas Eve.

If you have problems placing an order for the correct date please give us a call, email, social media message or leave a note in your order notes.